Monday, December 10, 2007

Knockout (2005)

"A dreary night in Rome, on the soundtrack the click of a cigarette lighter, the sound of smoke being inhaled. A woman in a long raincoat with a platinum blond wig lounging on a street corner. It could not be more typically film noir. These few details hint at a world of seduction and betrayal, of double moral standards and romantic cynicism. It is precisely that twilight zone from which the collective Rebecca September drew its inspiration for its first performance, Knockout."

The collective’s name refers to Hitchcock’s American debut: Rebecca. The performance Knockout noticeably uses Hitchcock elements as well: the two dancers are each other’s mirror image, their faces hidden behind a blond and dark wig. Just like the splitting up of the mysterious main character Madeleine/Judy in Hitchcock’s Vertigo, the performance plays on the two-sided suggestiveness of eroticism and morality: the femme fatale veiled in platinum blond virtuousness.

Knockout could very well be a choreographed variant of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive; an out of joint montage of constructed fantasies, desires and expectations."
Elke Van Campenhout, De Standaard

Concept Rebecca September | Choreography Ula Sickle | Developed & Performed by Tawny Andersen & Ula Sickle | Sound Design Peter Lenaerts | Scenography Alexis Destoop | Assitant Nele Ana Riepl | Produced by wp Zimmer for Rebecca September vzw | Co-produced by Pact Zollverein Essen. | With the support of Dans In Kortrijk, Netwerk Aalst, Nadine Brussels, The Canada Council for the Arts & the Flemish Minister for Culture, Youth, Sport and Brussels Affairs.

A Rebecca September production.

Photo: Alexis Destoop / Film: Peter Lenearts

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