Sunday, December 9, 2007

figure f (2004)

Forms are folded matter, the body is matter formed and folded.

I fit the folded forms of my body into the frame of a performance.
The performance is framed by its beginning and end,
It is folded in time and space, between the opening and closing curtains.

Figure F is a short solo inspired by the baroque period in music and painting. Working on basic notions of rhythm and composition, Figure F goes on to explore the baroque obsession with twisted forms and ornamentation. By folding the body in various ways and in different sequences, an unusual vocabulary of movement is created, recalling both classical as well as grotesque imagery. Performed almost entirely with the back to the audience, the performers body rather than face becomes the main carrier of expression. Excecuted with precision and control, the piece is a short excercise in virtuosity.

Chorographed & Performed by Ula Sickle | Sound design Peter Lenaerts [‘aisikl] | Video Ula Sickle & Peter Lenaerts | Created while at PARTS Performing Arts Research and Training Studios

Photo: Peter Lenaerts

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