Monday, December 10, 2007

Im/possible figures (2006)

Impossible figures shows a virtuosic metamorphose of manneristic poses. It proposes variations on a set of stills (or poses) and their connecting movements. During the piece, the sets evolve from a purely physical investigation of the relation between immobility (poses) and movement, to a play with the expressive and dramatic qualities of those same poses. From physical to superficial/surface, impossible figures unfolds around the paradoxical couplings: real-impossible and body-image.

Im/possible Figures is a work inspired by the baroque period in music and painting. Translated into a contemporary language of images and movement, the work explores the baroque obsession with twisted forms and ornamentation, affectation and expression, in a research on the possibilities and limits of the performing body.

Choreographed and performed by Ula Sickle | Sound design Christina Clar | Light design Ann Sophie Hoste | Scenography and dramaturgy Laurent Liefooghe | Scenography realization Natalie Schrauwen, Peter de Goy | Production wp Zimmer | co-production cc Berchem, wp Zimmer

Special thanks to Wiesława Pikula, Marc Vanrunxt, Domenico Guistino, Erica Trivett, wp Zimmer, Nadine and kc Netwerk.

Photo: Laurent Liefooghe & Ula Sickle

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