Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nickelodeon @ The Rotterdam Film Festival

[christoph ragg
christophe meierhans
heike langsdorf
with the participation of ula sickle]

Nickelodeon @ The Rotterdam International Film Festival:

24.01.2009 _ 22h

With Nickelodeon, the audience selects film excerpts from a list of 35 titles, using a system very similar to that of the jukebox. The performers occupy the positions of the camera crew and using aluminum frames of different sizes, perform short choreographies based on the original camera movements (travelings, pans, zoom's, etc.), to the sound of the original soundtrack.

The selection of excerpts from feature films, documentaries, television shows, advertisements and animations are all faithfully recreated for you, but without the actors, costumes, decor or original images; these take shape in your imagination.

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